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Social media is by far the new phenomenon on the Internet and everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. The benefits can be huge with tons of traffic to your site from a range of highly trafficked websites. Being a social media marketing agency, we take great pride in helping clients set up an effective presence on all the major social media platforms.

Our key focus is to help our clients engage with their customers, whilst acquiring new ones. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are simply too big to ignore, with the vast majority of Internet users now using these sites on a daily basis. These social media platforms have become so big and a lot of businesses realise the potential of these markets. However, it has become formidably hard to get any real data metrics and measuring the success/ROI of social media.

At SEO Ladder, we don’t simply realise the potential of social media and help our clients establish a presence, we go far beyond this. We look for and implement an all encompassing social media strategy that will work for your business both in terms of engaging and listening to customers, to getting tons of new traffic from a diversity of sources.

A lot of people come to us searching for a social media agency, and quickly realise we are different. So what makes us different?

A Unique Approach

by this we mean we don’t simply just set up accounts on the major social media

platforms and set about promoting them. We believe this is the bare minimum. We also research the industry your business is in and come up with some creative

strategies. For example, we will seek to find niche specific social media/networking sites that can be used to promote your site/brand and thus increase the likelihood of conversions.

We have the right Experience

social media marketing and indeed online PR is very popular nowadays, but we have been doing this for years! We have seen first hand, how things have rapidly changed and tweak our strategies constantly.

Deep Knowledge of Social Media

in order to run effective social media campaigns, we use a range of tried and tested tools and techniques. However, we constantly build on this knowledge and continue to refine our methods.

We Will Always Keep You Updated

we regularly monitor and track the progress of projects as much as possible and endeavour to keep you the client updated!

Social media marketing should be a key pillar in any digital marketing strategy and we are both capable and experienced in helping you achieve your online goals. Social media works hand in hand with all the other online channels such as SEO.

We are a leading, creative social media agency and so get in touch today, so we can demonstrate to you how social media can grow your business!


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