So Which Are The Toughest SEO Niches?

Whether you are in the SEO community or not, there is much debate about which niches are the toughest in SEO terms. If you were to ask the common Internet Marketer this question, they’d probably murmur the same thing: credit cards, mortgages, gambling, weight loss and make money online, amongst others. So without murmuring the same thing, let’s look at this issue a little further.

Firstly, when we say “toughest” we are talking about competition, i.e. the most difficult markets to rank keywords on page 1 for organic listings. Without digressing too much into the fold of niche/competitor research let us examine some of the factors we take into consideration when talking about SEO competition:

• The number of keyword searches, as there is a general positive correlation between high volume keyword searches and competition.

• Number of results on Google – generally speaking, the more pages indexed on Google for a particular keyword, the harder the competition.

• The authority of domains currently on page 1 – this is a rather loose statement as there are many factors to determine authority. Nonetheless, the more ‘authoritative’ domains/webpages on the 1st page the tougher the competition.

So taking all the above into consideration you’ll come to realise that the above examples or murmurings do in fact have substance. For example, in the gambling niche, there are roughly 81 million results for the keyword “casinos – now that’s tough. There are some interesting players in this industry, however, in which SEO strategies can be learnt from – such as sites about sbobet and agen sbobet.

You may or may not have learnt anything new here but our mission was to very briefly address a common question we get thrown at us from time to time. The toughest SEO niches are pretty much widely known and we’ve listed a few ways of verifying these claims above.

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