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Our SEO Strategy

Over the years we have worked with a wide range of clients from varying sectors and backgrounds, each having unique requirements. We take pride in engaging with clients to formulate and execute successful digital marketing strategies. Our ultimate aim is to work with clients to add value to their business and this is often evidenced by the length of time clients stay with us!

Although no two online marketing strategies are the same, we do work from a wider strategy framework that has continuously afforded us and our campaigns great results:

Step 1: Establish Online Marketing Goals

Everything starts with our team sitting down with you (the client) and working collaboratively so as to establish and highlight online business goals and objectives. We find that by investing time in understanding the core business model and industry, we are better placed to come up with a resolute strategy.

Naturally, online business goals and climate may change, and we appreciate this and make our strategy as flexible and adaptable as possible.

Step 2: Define Target Audience

This is an important stage by which we look to dig deep at the clients’ business and analyse the target audience. We will be looking in depth as to where the target audience congregate and how to go about finding them – depending on the product offering, this might be local (solicitor in Manchester) or global (big brand).

This research will culminate in the keyword research analysis for search marketing – outcome of which is to establish the most relevant and highly searched keywords that users would type to find your product. We take a granular approach to keyword research and often analyse any current traffic statistics for your site.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis

Once we have an idea of the target audience and keyword research data, we will look to scope out the landscape and use a number of methods to analyse the competition. The results of this analysis guides us to focus on what is realistically achievable, taking into account the online business goals set out in stage 1

Step 4: Digital Marketing Mix

This is a crucial stage where we look at all the information and draw up options on what digital marketing channels to deploy. Our previous work has spanned across multiple channels and each one works in different ways for different clients – there are obviously quite a few variables but from experience we find that:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

Provides the greatest long term rate of return and should be the backbone of any digital marketing strategy. The beauty of SEO is how targeted the traffic is, i.e. people that are actually searching for what you offer!

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Paid search advertising that can give you instant search engine visibility. You can have your campaign live and be getting laser targeted traffic that same day!

Social Media:

Hugely popular in recent times and works with the other online marketing channels – key to creating a “buzz” for your product or service

Affiliate Marketing:

Depending on the type of product/service, establishing and building an affiliate marketing campaign can provide real leverage and build your business exponentially.

Our key focus is in deciding what channels will work best for your business and how to split the budget. More times than not, the above channels will be inter-locking to provide an extremely strong online presence for your business

Step 5: Implementation

We work meticulously and have established a set of strict and efficient processes, best practices. Our team are all aware of our high standards when implementing our digital marketing strategies.

For our SEO strategy, for example, we implement it in two phases:

  • Site Audit (On Page SEO) – we conduct a comprehensive client site (and any other online assets) audit and provide a set of recommendations on site structure and content
  • LinkBuilding(Off Page SEO) – we set about building powerful relevant inbound links (backlinks) to your site using white hat and ethical methods.

Other facets of the wider digital marketing strategy are also implemented in the same logical, methodical and professional manner using best practices.

Step 6: Conversions Analysis

Whilst our key strength is in building targeted traffic to your site, we also work hand in hand with you with the sometimes overlooked issue of optimising conversions. Our success is indicated by the ROI produced for clients and so we put great effort in this all important step

Step 7: Reporting and Analysis

Most clients have different reporting requirements, and we work closely with the client at all times ensuring that regular progress reports are sent. The key is communication and we make our dedicated account managers are in place to provide this support.

We also frequently analyse the progress of the campaign and tweak the strategy to boost chances of success.

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