Link Building

Link Building

In today’s internet empowered world, one often sees links of different articles, videos, and figures posted within different websites. Ever wondered

Link building is quite frankly the cornerstone of SEO and here at SEO Ladder, we provide a range of link building services. To put it simply, link building is a process that involves researching and acquiring quality backlinks from external sites with the aim of boosting a site’s search engine position. The search engines treat links as “votes” and so the more links from quality sites, the higher the site will be ranked:

Our experience in both traditional and creative link building is extensive. We use a range of techniques which include:

Blog Reviews:

This is an effective form of link building as it helps generate a ‘buzz’ surrounding your site. Our team will research and request blog reviews from reputable and relevant blogs – blogs that are in the same niche/industry as yours. Within the blog review there will be a contextual link back to your site. A further benefit from this type of link building is that it will generate actual traffic, although this isn’t the prime purpose.

For blog reviews, we use our sister site where there are 35,000 eager bloggers ready to write about your site and product!

Third Party Websites:

Again, our team will research thematically relevant third party websites with the aim of acquiring permanent one way links. Over the years, we have built up a network of key contacts of webmasters and bloggers in all niches – this allows us to find the right type of links faster.

Our team at SEO Ladder have a lot of experience with content marketing and deploy some advanced strategies. For example, we will scrutinise your site to identify multiple ‘long tail’ keywords that can be the subject of the articles – the benefit of this is that these articles themselves will rank highly in the search engines and send BOTH traffic and valuable links to your site!

Press Releases:

Somewhat similar to article marketing, which involves writing press releases and submitting to leading PR sites, whilst including a link back to your site. To maximise the chances of the press release going ‘viral’ one would need to write about something that is ‘news worthy’. Again, our team have had many successful case studies in harnessing the power of press releases.

Social Bookmarking:

There is literally hundreds of social bookmarking type of sites spread across the Internet. However, they vary vastly in quality and so we do our best to find the most powerful sites to submit your site to.

High Powered Links:

All links differ in quality and thus the benefit gained from them. Within our repertoire of link building resources, we have accumulated lists of high powered websites to get links from. These are highly powerful, authoritative websites that get tons of traffic – so getting a link from these type of sites will pass much value and propel your site up the rankings, whilst sending traffic too!

Link Baiting:

Our SEO experts take link building to a new level and are constantly searching for new and creative methods of acquiring links in high quantity and quality. Ultimately, we aim to create a ‘buzz’ around our client websites and use a variety of techniques to attract natural links – this is what is known as ‘link baiting’. For example, we may work with a client to devise a highly relevant and creative press release and submit it strategically – this will have the effect of going viral and thus creating a wave of websites linking to your website. This is just one method we use, and we use a number of other techniques depending on the nature of the website.

When assessing a client’s site, we look at a multiple of factors to determine what sort of link building strategy is required to achieve the result; a lot of this involves scrutinising competitors’ backlinks and how difficult the target keywords are.

SEO Ladder link building services involves only ethical methods and techniques that are proven to produce results. We do not use link farms or include our sites on ‘bad neighbourhood’ websites. Our experienced team know the difference between a good link and a bad link that can be detrimental to your site.

Link building is both a tedious and laborious task and that’s where our professional services come in. At SEO Ladder, we will devise and implement a comprehensive link building strategy that will propel your site up the rankings and make your site a powerful digital asset.

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