Link Building Guide for Small Businesses

Now before you turn your head and say ‘here comes another one of those boring link building guides’ allow me a few moments to explain why this article will be different. We already know there are lots of comprehensive and up to date guides on link building written by industry experts – conduct a simple search like this one and you’ll be able to find a whole host of them. But there are very few articles out there providing a clear and easily understandable ‘running example’ to demonstrate the theory. This article aims to bridge that gap and will hopefully … Continue reading

So Which Are The Toughest SEO Niches?

Whether you are in the SEO community or not, there is much debate about which niches are the toughest in SEO terms. If you were to ask the common Internet Marketer this question, they’d probably murmur the same thing: credit cards, mortgages, gambling, weight loss and make money online, amongst others. So without murmuring the same thing, let’s look at this issue a little further. Firstly, when we say “toughest” we are talking about competition, i.e. the most difficult markets to rank keywords on page 1 for organic listings. Without digressing too much into the fold of niche/competitor research let … Continue reading

SEO for Gambling Websites

The topic of this post is somewhat different to the topics usually explored through this blog; nonetheless there are some good lessons to be learnt. Quite often we turn away potential clients/advertisers purely because of what industry they are in – the notoriously stigmatised gambling industry. There are very few bloggers who would accept a gambling link on their site nor indeed write about it. This led us to think more deeply about the industry and to explore the challenges faced. The main objective was to step into an arena where the most advanced SEO practitioners operate and see what … Continue reading

Link Exchange – How to do it right!

Link Exchange – this is one of the best ways of site promotion. Sharing – it is when you put on your site to link to another site, and it link to your response. It is important to understand, which uses a link exchange. If you plan to use it to increase traffic to your site, leave this hope, unnecessarily placed with the links for the exchange to your site will come 1-3 people a day (it is possible that the master site checks for their own), although indirectly, these actions will lead to increased visitation. It’s the end result … Continue reading

Download Free WordPress Themes

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Keyword analysis for effective SEO campaign

Keyword analysis for effective SEO campaign To get the most out of your SEO campaign, you should understand your customer properly, how does your customer think and search about your products. All effective SEO campaigns should start with proper keyword research and analysis, all SEO experts that go into keyword analysis should go for the right keyword research tools. We will give you, our loyal blog reader an insight of how you can do any effective keyword analysis. Let me take you through the following tips: 1- Be specific. Don’t try to be so generic, if your website is about … Continue reading

Connecting business with social media

It has become a well known fact that businesses have needed to strategically transform themselves from a product orientated firm to one that is customer focused. Historically, businesses would make their product, and due to a limited competition, would be in a position to force the customer to choose products and services that were offered. For example, in the beginning, the Ford car was only offered in black color. However, within the current marketing environment, it is crucial for businesses to ensure the customer is kept center of strategic planning and product decisions. Due to this change, it has become … Continue reading

Is Facebook a threat to big G?

Last Christmas, Facebook “Merry Christmas” message was louder than Google. Last Christmas, Facebook was Britain’s most visited site. With the traffic to the social networking site accounted for 10.50 per cent of all UK Internet visits, while the figure for was 9.77 per cent Is it a one-time accident, or will be a repeated pattern with Social media networks taking more attention from clients? Huh! Are we comparing Facebook to Google here!? Facebook is a social media network while Google is a search engine, are we comparing orange to apple? The answer is No. They both fight for traffic … Continue reading

How to create SEO friendly websites

Getting a high rank in search engine for your website is a continuous process. Getting such a high rank could be achieved through SEO strategies, which always start with the website design. If your website design is not SEO friendly, you can’t move forward to any of the next steps in your SEO strategy. So, let us do first things first and explore in details the basics of web design that will put you on the right road to reach the goal of getting your website a higher rank. If we want our website to rank well in search engines … Continue reading

Google Me – Google Circles, Facebook killer?

Google goes social: 2010: Google ME | 2011: Google Circles There is always a fear among social media networks industry professionals of how Google will penetrate the social network horizon. Will Google go through the easy acquisition road, as it used to do through the past years, or will go building its new application with all current preferred social media features and fixes to bugs and all features that clients dislike. During 2010, there was a rumor about a new Google product called “Google Me”, which will be “Facebook killer” application. But the 2010 Google ME rumor was realized to … Continue reading