Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Imagine having hundreds or even thousands of sales people going out selling YOUR product at NO cost to you? You’ll simply pay them a pre-defined commission only when they make sales – a virtual sales team! This is in essence what affiliate marketing is all about and it can create true leverage that will sky rocket your business.

You may or may not have an affiliate program already, but either way, we are confident of adding value to this component of your digital marketing plan. Our team at SEO Ladder have worked with a number of clients to radically transform the output of their affiliate marketing campaigns. For example, we manage the affiliate program for where there are thousands of bloggers who have also become affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is all about leveraging on the efforts and resources of others to generate sales for your business. However, your affiliate program has to stand out, otherwise your ‘virtual sales team’ will simply go and promote/sell for your competitors!

Here at SEO Ladder, we understand the complexities that surround affiliate marketing and there are many firms that simply do not know how best to harness this online marketing channel. We are available and at hand at all the stages from setup to expansion.

So what makes us different and why should you choose us to handle your affiliate marketing?

Research and target affiliates

we will investigate the most suitable types of affiliates for your business and approach them on your behalf.

Establishing Firm Relationships with affiliates

as we are Internet marketers ourselves, we know what motivates affiliates and how best to establish solid long term relationships with them.

We Write Bespoke Marketing Manuals for Your Affiliates

we firmly believe this is what sets us apart from everyone else. Your affiliates (virtual sales team) need all the help they can get in promoting your product – this is why we step in and provide them with a detailed guide on the best promotion tactics to use. By doing this, they will start to see success quicker and thus stay longer.

Established Relationships with the major Affiliate Networks

over the years, we have created mutual relationships with a number of major affiliate networks and so work hand in hand with them for mutual success.

Affiliate marketing can be really powerful if executed in the right way and we can help you do this. Our team have the experience in this exciting field and can produce great results.

Get in touch today and discuss your affiliate marketing needs with our in house experts…

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